We are pleased to present first JUDARI jewelry collection – ZOLOTO!
JUDARI Zoloto is the splendor of Ancient Russia, sunshiny braids of Russian beauties, richly
decorated with precious jewels golden neckpiece of Russian Tsar and Grand Princes.
Neckpiece or Oplechie came to Russia from Byzantine Empire in the XII century. Oplechie is a wide
collar made of gold, decorated with jewels, pearls and enamels. Russian Tsar and Grand Princes
wore it for the coronation and other solemn ceremony.
JUDARI Zoloto collection includes three basic necklaces. TRESS 40mm / TRESS 50mm / TRESS 60 mm.
Broad chains made of light or dark metal (golden или brunette) and tied into braids. It can be
accessorize with a natural opal white, blue, green, purple colors or “tiger’s eye” stone.
Necklace can be worn separately as an elegant and sophisticated jewelry or in combination with
each other for glamorous and festive look.

Judari Zoloto